April 2019 Webinar

April 2019 Webinar

Choosing a Framework – April 24th 11am-12pm MST

So many choices

DQMH, AF, DCAF, SMO, ALOHA, TLB, and I’m probably still missing some.  There are lots of LabVIEW Frameworks out there (and they all have cryptic acronymns).  If you are confused by this alphabet soup of frameworks, then this presentation is for you. 

We’ll talk about what a framework is and the benefits of using one. We’ll come up with a list of important criteria to consider when choosing a framework. Then will do an overview of 2 of the more popular ones and we’ll see how they compare using our criteria.

This Webinar is for

  • Developers, Architects, and Managers who are interested in sorting through all the frameworks to determine which ones are most appropriate for them.

What you will learn

  • The benefits of using a framework
  • Criteria for evaluating all the various frameworks in order to determine which one is best suited for your unique application.
  • A very high-level overview of the AF and DQMH

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