A Better Way To Set Up LVCompare and LVMerge

A Better Way To Set Up LVCompare and LVMerge

EDIT: Since I originally wrote this post, I have come up with a much easier way. I am leaving this post up for historcial reasons, but do yourself a favor and just go here

I have previously written about setting up LVCompare and LVMerge. I ran into a situation where for whatever reason that solution stopped working for me. I would launch LVMerge or LVCompare and nothing would happen. I tried some troubleshooting and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. In troubleshooting, I stumbled upon this repository and it offered a better solution.

All the details are there in that repository if you look, but there’s also a lot of other stuff in there. I cleaned everything up and made it easier to install and put it in my own repository here. Just simply clone it and run the setupLVTools.sh script. The nice thing that this method has over the previous method is it is nice and lightweight. Instead of installing some LV executable (the viscc code), it simply uses a bash script to translate all the paths. It consists of just 3 small shell scripts in total.

A Note on GUIs

I couldn’t get this method to work with SourceTree or GitKraken, but I didn’t try very hard, since I generally use the CLI. If you figure out how to use this method with one of the GUIs, let me know and I’ll add an update.

Juan added the above comment on Linkedin. I haven’t tried it, but I did look at it and it seems like it should work.
Here’s a clickable link for you: https://endigit.com/2017/11/using-labviews-diff-tool-sourcetree