June 2019 Webinar

June 2019 Webinar

How do I make sure my code works?

If you have ever asked that question then this presentation is for you. Find out how unit testing can help you verify that your code works and help you track down bugs when it doesn’t.

We’ll talk about the basics of unit testing using JKI Vi Tester. We’ll also touch on how to write testable code using humble objects and how and when to use test doubles.

This Webinar is for

  • Developers who are looking to verify their code is correct and want to spend less time hunting down bugs.
  • Architects who are looking for an easy way to delegate tasks and verify they are done correctly.
  • Project Managers who are looking for a way to track their team’s progress and ensure consistent quality.

What you will learn

  • The benefits of Unit Testing.
  • How to install JKI VI Tester.
  • How to write a basic 4 part test using JKI VI Tester.
  • How to run tests and suites of tests using JKI VI Tester
  • How to write testable code using humble objects.
  • How to write and use basic test doubles.

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