February 2020 Webinar

February 2020 Webinar

Mock Objects

February 26, 11:00am MT

I want to verify that my code uses some other object correctly.

Sometimes the code you are testing interacts with some other component.  Maybe it’s a database, a network connection, or a piece of hardware. This type of code can be really hard to unit test. How do you verify that the code you are testing makes the correct calls and passes the correct parameters?  It’s impossible to examine these indirect outputs directly.

Many programming languages solve these types of problems using mock objects. If you have read any literature on Unit Testing, you have probably encountered the term. Most languages have a tool for quickly and easily generating and verifying mock objects.  Until recently there was no mock object framework in LabVIEW. Last year at the CLA Summit I presented an Open-Source Mock Object Framework to solve this problem in LabVIEW.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss exactly what mock objects are and the problems they solve. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily create them in LabVIEW. You’ll also learn how to incorporate them into your testing.

This webinar is for

  • Developers who are curious about unit testing and wonder how to test hard to test code.
  • Architects who are looking for ways to test more complicated designs.
  • Project Managers who have lots of hard to test code and are looking for ways to get more test coverage

What you will learn

  • What mock objects are
  • What problems they can solve
  • How to incorporate them into your tests
  • When to be cautious with them

There are limited seats so please RSVP and reserve your seat today!