April 2021 Webinar

April 2021 Webinar

April 22, 10 AM MT

10 things I wish I knew when I started using Git.

Using Git can be complicated. It is not designed to be user-friendly. Yet it is at the core of good software engineering practices. Unit Tests are great for telling you that you accidentally broke something, but how do you undo those changes that caused the problem? Continuous Integration is great for automating tests and builds, but how do you know which commits are ready to be built? You’ve got a team of developers working on your project, how do you coordinate them all so they are not stepping on each other’s toes? You find a bug in an old version that you need to patch, how do you retrieve the source code that went into that build? All of this requires understanding how Git works and being able to leverage it to make it work for you and your team.


You can get by with just a handful of Git commands, as long as things are going well. But that only covers the 90% use case. You are going to run into problems. This webinar is designed to give you some tools to get out of those problems in a graceful way. It’s full of things that I’ve learned that have helped take me from only knowing a few magical incantations (yes we all start there) to being able to bend Git to my will to match my workflow and needs. If you want to impress all your teammates with your Git knowledge and be the one they turn to when they have problems, then this presentation is for you.

This webinar is for

  • Anyone who currently uses Git, whether you are a complete novice at Git or an expert
  • Anyone thinking of switching from SVN or some other system to Git
  • Anyone who writes LabVIEW code, but doesn’t use SCC (you really should be using SCC and Git is the defacto standard)

What you will learn

  • Why you should actually bother learning about the CLI
  • A good understanding of the commit graph
  • Tips and tricks for:
    • Getting the most out of the CLI
    • Undoing changes while preserving history
    • Going back in time
    • Combining branches
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Many other things that you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

Don’t miss it

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