Yahtzee Kata

Yahtzee Kata
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The Yahtzee Kata is a common refactoring kata. You can see a version of it on Emily Bauche’s Github. As a refactoring kata, it requires some starting code. Emily’s page contains starting code for a lot of languages, but not LabVIEW. So I took it upon myself to create a LabVIEW version, which you can get here. Warning: the code is intentionally bad. It may make your eyes hurt just to look at it.

What do I do with this kata?

Kata is a simple exercise designed to help you practice basic techniques. This particular kata is designed to help you practice refactoring. You start with a basic scoring algorithm for Yahtzee with some tests. The kata is designeded to get you in the habit of making small changes and running the tests regularly. I encourage you to take small steps, making sure the tests pass after each step and checking into Git regularly, ideally once you get the tests to pass after each step. Can you transform the existing code into something you’d be happy to inherit while keeping the tests green?

Want More?

For other LabVIEW katas be sure to check out our katas page. We also offer pair programming sessions where we can go through any of the various kata with you. If that interests you, let’s schedule a short call to talk about it and we can setup the details.