See us at NI Week 2019

See us at NI Week 2019

I am happy to announce that my presentation on Continuous Integration got accepted for NI Week 2019. Continuous Integration is a very interesting topic. It’s been gaining in adoption over the last couple of years. At some point in the near future, everyone who is serious about Software Engineering in LabVIEW is going to be using it. I’m sure some of the readers of this blog are already using Continuous Integration. For those of you who aren’t, I suggest you start doing some research so you don’t get left behind.

Here is the Title and Abstract for my presentation:

Title: Getting Started With Continuous Integration Using GitLab and VMWare: Techniques for Dynamically Launching and Assigning Virtual Machines.

Abstract: This session is for anyone who is curious about Continuous Integration and is maybe intimidated or doesn’t know where to start. We will talk about the basics of CI and it’s implementation in GitLab. It is also for anyone who manages multiple projects and multiple versions of LabVIEW. We will talk about using VMware VMs to separate environments.


This presentation was inspired by Derek Trepanier’s presentation on Continuous Integration from NI Week 2018. In his presentation, Derek talks about using GitLab and Virtual Box. He mentioned how GitLab could communicate with Virtual Box. GitLab CI can use Virtual Box to clone and spin up virtual machines on the fly to handle different jobs. I thought that was really useful. However I don’t use Virtual Box, I use VMWare. I decided to do some investigation and see if this could be done with VMWare instead.

My presentation will be about Continuous Integration with GitLab and how GitLab Runners work in general. I will talk about using virtual machines as runners. I will also report on my experience trying to get VMWare to clone and launch virtual machines on the fly.

If you haven’t registered for NI Week 2019 yet, you can register here. It’s sure to be a good time. It’s a great time to connect and network with other LabVIEW users. Every year I go I learn a ton.

While you are waiting for NI week, if you would like to learn about Continuous Integration and how it can help your organization be more efficient and produce better code, please schedule a FREE one hour consultation here.