National Instruments is coming to Denver.

National Instruments is coming to Denver next week.  They are hositng 2 events at the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel in BroomField CO.  On Tuesday October 31st they are hosting the Denver CLD Summit and on Wednesday November 1st they are hosting NI Developer Days.

CLD Summit

The CLD summit is an annual event sponsored by NI.  It is a local gathering of certified LabVIEW Professionals.   It is required to be a Certified LabVIEW Developer or Architect to attend.  This year I am co-hosting the event along with Matt Richardson.  We’ve pulled together a nice lineup of presentations including cybersecurity, object-oriented programming, group development including using source code control, and several other topics.  

NI Developer Days

NI Developer days has a much broader audience. It is geared towards anyone who uses NI products in any capacity.   It is an annual single day conference that NI brings to various cities every year.  The idea is to reach out to customers who could not make it to their annual NI Week conference down in Austin.  It is part salepitch/marketing and part skills development.  It usually features some discussion on all the new features that have been introduced to LabVIEW in the latest release and highlights some of the new hardware coming out.  The rest of the day is spent on various presentations ranging from business related topics like “Calculating the ROI for an automated test system” to hardware topics like “How to select the correct D/A or D/A card”  to software topics like “How to choose a framework for your next software project” (which happens to be the topic of a presentation I am giving at the Developer Days this year).

Why go?

If you are Certified LabVIEW Developer or Architect, going to the CLD summit is a no-brainer.  The discussion is very high level and you are guaranteed to learn something to help improve your programming.  The Developer Days Conference is very good if you missed NI week and want to learn about the latest and greatest HW and SW.  Depending on the particular presentations you can also learn some valuable skills.  Both events are great for networking.  And did I mention that both are FREE?   So if you can get a day off of work to go check it out, there really is no excuse.