Good Content

Good Content

You may be aware of our Virtual Coffee events. If you are not, just send me an email to sam (at) sasworkshops (dot) com and I’ll send you an invite. Several of us who attend the Virtual Coffee, also run our own businesses. Malcolm Myers was nice enough to start a little side group just for us business owners. We talk about a variety of things. A lot of it comes back to sales and marketing. Along that vein, Steve Watts suggested the book “Fucking Good Content”.

It’s a short and entertaining book. I read it in one sitting. If you can’t guess by the title, it is rather irreverent. If you get offended by a little swearing, well this is certainly not the book for you.The most used word in the book starts with F and happens to have 4 letters.

The author Dan Kensall, takes aim squarely at a lot of the traditional social media marketing advice which he blames for the deluge of poor quality marketing material that we are all constantly hit with. His main point is to stand out above the noise by pushing the boundaries. Say what your clients would love to say but won’t risk saying themselves.

Dan also blasts chasing metrics. Most of them miss the point. The only thing that really matters at the end of the day is revenue. Everything else is just vanity. He also takes aim at the idea of trying to produce content that goes viral. Sure you get more engagement, but are they your ideal customers?

Reading this book certainly won’t solve all your marketing problems. It will give you a good laugh. It will also challenge the way you think about marketing and some of the traditional wisdom, which is probably a good thing, unless you like bombarding your prospects with a bunch of useless crap.