GDevCon is almost here

In case you haven’t GDevCon is taking place September 4th and 5th in Cambridge.  What is GDevCon? It is the 1st ever independent graphical developers conference. Check out the website.  There is a list of speakers there. I think you will be quite impressed. They’ve gathered a lot of well-respected graphical programmers. If you are interested in attending, it appears that there are still tickets left.

I have the honor of being chosen to present.  I will be presenting on “Refactoring”.  The goal of my presentation is to illustrate how mastering refactoring will change your development process. You no longer need to agonize over getting the design exactly right at the beginning. You can pick a framework to begin with.  Layout your modules in a way that makes sense and then just get started. When you need more flexibility, you can then refactor to add it in.

Your project will benefit from less design time and less code to write, maintain, and debug. It will also be more robust because since there is less code it will be easier to find and fix bugs. If you refactor your code to use common design patterns then adding features will become very easy as well.

If you want to learn more, grab some tickets while they last.  The first set sold out rather quickly.