Ergonomics 2

Ergonomics 2

The last post I made was about ergonomics as far as keyboards and mice. I had a few other things I wanted to talk about, but the post got rather long so I cut them out. Since that post was so well-received I thought I would add another post about a few more ergonomic devices I have adopted.


There are a lot of other items in my office besides just my mouse and keyboard. Many of them definitely contribute to my comfort level.

Sit-Stand Desk

In my home office, I have a sit-stand desk. I don’t remember the model, but I bought it on sale at Costco. It has a little keyboard tray that is just barely big enough for a mouse and keyboard. It has some springs to help raise/lower it. Pressing the paddles on either side allows you to smoothly raise or lower the desk with minimal effort. You can stop at any height you like. The desktop has just enough space for a pair of double monitors.

I wish I could say I took advantage of the sit-stand feature regularly, but I don’t. I find I go through phases where I use it regularly, but in general, I find I prefer sitting on my stool. I will say that it is very nice to have the option even if I don’t use it all the time. If you want to experiment with a standing desk without committing, I think a sit-stand combo is a good option. It wasn’t too expensive. I think it was about $250

Some might say that the keyboard tray on my sit-stand desk is perfectly engineered, because it just is big enough to hold my mouse and keyboard. No wasted space!


You’ll note in the above picture that I also have a stool. I really like that stool. I have no idea what model it is because I bought it at a yard sale for $10. It was a great investment. For some reason when I use a nice plush office chair with a padded back, I have a tendency to slouch. Using the stool prevents that and forces me to sit up straight. I don’t know if that counts as ergonomics, but I definitely feel better at the end of the day after using the stool.


Curved Monitors

I have dual flat-screen monitors in my office, but when I started renting space at a local co-working space, I needed something more compact. Curved monitors are all the rage now, so when I saw a good deal on one, I bought it. I have no idea about it’s ergonomic value but I quite like it. It feels very immersive. I notice a lot less eye fatigue when using it as well. If you are in the market for a ne monitor, I highly recommend a curved one.

Blue Light Filters

There have been a lot of studies on the effects of blue light. Apparently, it can disrupt your sleep patterns and can cause eye damage. For my dual monitors in my home office, I purchased a pair of blue light filters. I definitely notice a difference when using them at night. If I compare them with my laptop (which does not have a blue light filter), I definitely notice a difference. In the evening without the blue light filters, I feel more energized and have a harder time falling asleep. With them, I feel more subdued and have an easier time falling asleep. Could simply be a placebo effect but who cares about why as long as it works.