Book Review Dive into Design Patterns

Book Review Dive into Design Patterns

Stefan Lemmens put me onto this book a few months in response to a review I wrote of the original GOF Design Patterns Book. He remarked that is was much more approachable and he was right. While I still find value in the original GOF book, I think this book is a much better choice for beginners.

What follows is my review of the book on GoodReads:

An excellent book! A worthy successor to the GOF. This updated take on Design Patterns is very refreshing. For a computer science book, it is quite readable, much more so than the original. The real-life examples provided in the book are very easy to follow. The code examples are very also easy to follow and provided in several different languages (C#, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript). There are plenty of UML diagrams as well, clearly showing what is going on. He also does a good job of relating the various

Alexander broke from the original book and removed the text editor example and replaced it with an introduction to OOP. It includes a very concise and clear section on the SOLID principles with some very good examples.

Overall, I think this is probably a more approachable book for beginners than the original GOF. I highly recommend it!