Book Review Code Reviews 101

Book Review Code Reviews 101

I recently read this book on code reviews by Giuliana Carullo. I quite enjoyed it. I wrote a review on GoodReads and on the LabVIEW Champion’s book recommendations. I thought I would just post about it here to help get the word out some more about this great book. Enjoy.

A great book on code reviews. Giuliana has a great sense of humor which is refreshing when reading books about coding, which can often be dull and boring. Entertaining and the content is top notch.

My review on

My Review on the Champions Book Recommendations Forum:

A very good book about code reviews.  Very easy reading. Her style reminds me very much of Fab.If you read it you will know what I mean. Very easy and fun read.

Talks about a variety of different things to check for, such as code and design smells, proper architecture and use of data structures, etc. Talks about team dynamics.

Some quotes:

“Coding is an art, not just following the syntax”

“Knowing a programming language is not enough to be good at it.”

Also if you are trying to learn Python there is section where she talks about the GOF patterns and shows how to implement them in Python.